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I had a couple of good comments from people about the difficulty in finding low sodium buttermilk. 

Susan wrote “You mentioned that you cannot find low sodium buttermilk in you area. Neither can I, so I have successfully used plain yogurt in place of buttermilk for many recipes. To make the yogurt more like buttermilk in consistency, just just beat it with a whisk until it becomes more like a liquid than a solid. You may need to use just a little more yogurt than buttermilk.”

And in a similar vein a different Susan suggested “I prefer using plain Greek style yogurt as a substitute for buttermilk in pancakes. They may need a little water if the batter is too thick but they come out amzingly light and fluffy. Leftover pancakes are perfect for reheating in a toaster and great as a dessert treat with fruit, fresh or frozen.”  I’ve never tried Greek style yogurt, but my daughter likes it.  It does appear to have less sodium than regular yogurt, so I may have to pick some up.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Finally David said “We are unable to get reduced sodium buttermilk so I have been using Bob’s Red Mill buttermilk powder which can be made up to low sodium (85mgm/cup).” I hadn’t been aware of this product, but it does sound like a good alternative.  The Saco brand buttermilk powder I can find locally has 160mg per cup, so it’s not a big savings over the real stuff.

Keep the comments coming …

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