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For a discussion of a variety of low sodium ingredients that appear in the recipes, including information on where to get them, go to the Ingredient Sources page.

Online Food Sources

Healthy Heart Market   A great source for a wide variety of low sodium foods, including some I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Take the time to read Pete's story while you are there. Their prices are reasonable and their service is great. This is the first place to look for those things that your local store doesn't carry.

Wassi's Meat   Their web page says they are the largest seller of breakfast sausage seasonings on the net. They offer a number of no-salt varieties, including Italian, kielbasa and the best salt-free breakfast sausage I've found.

Low Sodium Foods   If you live in Australia you are in luck. Low Sodium Foods is there too and they have a great selection of low sodium products available in their online store.

Mr. Spice   Nine different low sodium sauces, from Garlic Steak Sauce to Thai Peanut Sauce, and a couple of good sounding recipes thrown in too.

DiFiore Seasoning   Great salt free Italian seasoning mix. Available only from their website, each premeasured packet of seasoning makes a batch of marinara sauce, pizza sauce, Italian roast beef etc. Recipes are included with your order.

Redibase Soup Bases   They make very low sodium (35 mg per serving) soup base in chicken and beef and low sodium (140 mg per serving) in chicken, beef, turkey, ham and vegetable.

Local Food Sources

Whole Foods   Specializes in organic and natural foods. They don't sell online, but their website contains some good recipes as well as information on locating their stores. They are concentrated in the northeast and western United States, as well as the Mississippi River area and one store in Toronto. I make a pilgrimage to the store in Annapolis, about an hour away, once every two or three months to stock up on the low sodium items they carry that aren't in any local store.

Trader Joe's   Has a great selection of low sodium foods, but doesn't sell online or by mail order. If you are near one of their stores in the west, midwest or northeast areas of the United States, give them a look

Wegmans   If you live near one of their stores in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania you might want to check them out. Their website lists low sodium cheeses and a reduced sodium ham and I've been told that they make several different kinds of salt free breads.

Online Medical and Nutrition Information

Rx List   More information than you could possibly want on prescription drugs.

American Heart Association   Checklists for lowering your sodium intake, managing your blood pressure, etc.

Jon's Place   One of the most complete sources of information on congestive heart failure you'll ever find. Includes medical information, treatments, transplant information, diet and lot's more.

Heart Failure Online   Another site with extensive information on the heart in general and heart failure in particular.

The Meniere's Page   Washington University of St. Louis page containing links to information on Meniere's.

Menieres.org   Home page of Menieres.org, intended to be a home for sufferers of Meniere's disease. Contains links to information, Meniere's patients pages, and a chat room and discussion board.

U.S. Department of Agriculture   Download site for the USDA Nutrition Database, probably the definitive source of nutrition information on thousands of items.

U.S. Department of Agriculture   Main page for USDA food composition data. Download information or search the nutrition database.

Nutritional Information

Search the USDA National Nutrient Database   Search the USDA National Nutrient Database SR17 using keywords to find complete nutritional information on over 6300 foods.

Online Recipe and Cooking Sites

MegaHeart   This site is the work of Donald Gazzaniga, a CHF survivor and low sodium cookbook author. When Don was told he had less than a year to live, he decided to try something few people had been able to stick to, a diet of less than 500 mg of sodium a day. His success led to a cookbook, which contains not only great recipes, but a full 28 day menu plan of very low sodium eating. He has a number of great tasting, very low sodium recipes on his site.

Apples For Health   Has a number of low sodium recipes in appetizers, entrees, sidedishes, bread and grains, desserts and beverages categories. No nutritional information given, but the ones I looked at appear to be low in sodium. As always the actual sodium content will depend on the ingredients chosen.

Easy Recipe Blog   Raven, who admits to being addicted to sugary confections and using real butter, has some great recipes on this site. While they aren't specifically low sodium, many are very creative and could easily have the sodium reduced. She also has a number of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free recipes for people with dietary requirements other than just low sodium.

Great Salsa Recipes   Mouth watering salsa recipes. You will find a variety of salsa recipes to suit any mood and any palate, from the delicate to the asbestos. While these are not all low sodium, many do not contain salt or call for adding "salt to taste".

There are a number of people who are posting great low sodium information on their blogs. A few that I like are:
Sodium Girl
The Daily Dish
Low Sodium Adventures in Cooking
Consensus Action on Salt and Health
Eat Low Sodium

Hometown Seeds specializes in high quality garden and herb seeds. Most of their seeds are open-pollinated and all are GMO-free. They are a great resource for those wanting to grow their own fresh herbs to spice up low sodium recipes. They also carry garden seeds to provide those fresh vegetables.

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