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Our Policies

Our Privacy Policy

Plain and simple ... we will NEVER share, sell or any in way give out to someone else your email address or any other information you give us. The information we ask for is used ONLY by us ... ONLY to allow us to get you the information YOU want.

Our Spam Policy

We do NOT support or engage in the use of unsolicited email (Spam). I firmly believe that businesses that do so lose more than they can possibly gain. Anything you receive from us is in response to a request you made for information. Each email contains specific instructions on removing yourself from any future communication. We will cheerfully remove you upon receipt of that request.


All recipes and information provided in the Low Sodium Cooking newsletter and posted on LowSodiumCooking.com are provided "as is". While I make every effort to ensure accuracy, I cannot guarantee nor make any claims that the nutritional values, where provided, are accurate or that each recipe is appropriate for everyone. Actual nutritional values may vary, depending on things like the brand of each ingredient you choose and whether you adhere to the portion sizes used in the calculations.

It is your responsibility to decide if the recipes and information are suitable for your personal diet. When in doubt please seek the advice of your physician or health care provider.

In no event shall LowSodiumCooking.com be liable for damages of any kind, due to the use of recipes and information provided in this newsletter or on this website.

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