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Amazon.com   These books are all available at Amazon.com (I've set up links to them there), although some may only be available used and most are probably available locally in any well-stocked bookstore(if you can still find one of those). These are ones I'm personally familiar with. A search on Amazon for low salt in Cookbooks turned up thousands of items, so you do have plenty to chose from.

Ecookbooks.com   Ecookbooks.com, also know as Jessica's Biscuit. Stocks a large selection of used as well as new books. If you are looking for a copy of an out of print book, this is the place to go.


500 Low Sodium Recipes   My very own Low Sodium Cooking ccokbook, with 500 of the best recipes that I've created. Includes spice mixes, condiments, main dishes, side dishes, bread and other baked goods.



Sodium Girl's Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook   Sodium Girl's great cookbook containing lots of creative recipes and an abundance of information on maintaining a low-sodium diet.



500 Low Cholesterol Recipes   My second cookbook, still low in sodium, but also targeted to help you lower your cholesterol.



500 Heart Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes   Heart healthy low sodium recipes you can toss in the slow cooker and forget



500 High Fiber Recipes   Add healthy fiber to your diet while maintaining great taste and a low sodium lifestyle



500 Low Glycemic Index Recipes   Watch your good and bad carbwhile maintaining low sodium



500 400 Calorie Recipes   How to watch your weight and your sodium at the same time without feeling hungry.



500 15 Minute Recipes   Low sodium recipes that you can get on the table fast.



American Heart Association Low-Salt Cookbook   This was one of the first low salt cookbooks I bought. It has a number of good basic recipes for common main dishes, vegetables and sauces, as well as diet planning information. Different editions of it are also available in large format paperback and hardback.


Chinese Salt-Free Diet Cookbook   A great book by Merle Schell with all of your favorite Chinese recipes in low sodium form. Contains instructions on making many of the condiments and basic ingredients as well as the recipes for appetizers, soups, vegetables, main dishes and desserts. The book is currently out of print, but you still should be able to find some used copies.


American Heart Association Cookbook   HUGE collection of recipes. I haven't even begun to read all of them, but there are several favorites in here that we use regularly.



No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook   Donald Gazziniga's first cookbook, full of very low sodium recipes and meal plans. Don has had great success with heart disease by limiting his sodium intake to 500 mg per day.



The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Baking Book   Donald Gazziniga's baking book. Full of great recipes for bread, desserts and other baked good. As always with Don's recipes, they are very all very low in sodium.



The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium International Cookbook   More of Don's great very low sodium recipes, this time with an international flavor.



The No-Salt, Lowest-Sodium Light Meals Book   Don's Light Meals book, loaded with recipes for salads, soups and other light fare, all very low sodium.



Breaking the Salt Habit   Erik Williams is a CHF patient who has written a book with a lot of great salt free recipes for everyday kinds of food. The book is available directly from his website.



The Hasty Gourmet Low Salt Favorites   Another recent addition to the low sodium cookbook shelf. This one contains 300 quick and easy low salt recipes.



Cooking Without a Grain of Salt   Cooking Without a Grain of Salt is both a nutrition guide and cookbook. It's filled with tips on how to limit sodium without sacrificing flavor--as well as many recipes that will help you put your healthy, low-salt lifestyle into action.



No-Salt Cookbook: Reduce or Eliminate Salt Without Sacrificing Flavor   By David C. Anderson and Thomas D. Anderson, father and son, who have created more than 500 recipes for their Web site, saltfreelife.com.



Louisiana Light   For those of you who love Louisiana cuisine, this cookbook is designed to cut fat, salt and calories from the traditional Cajun and Creole recipes. Contains recipes for sidedishes, salads and desserts, as well as the typical main dishes.



Get the Salt Out   In Get the Salt Out, nationally recognized nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman reveals 501 ways to avoid excess salt intake by serving a variety of delicious low-sodium foods, taking advantage of tasty salt substitutes and steering clear of many surprising hidden sources of salt. Contains more than fifty recipes for low-sodium foods, mixed in with the other tips for getting the salt out.



Make Your Own Mixes and Prepared Foods   Ben Howard's excellent book on making your own mixes. They aren't intended to be low sodium, but most could easily be updated to be by using low sodium ingredients. Includes things that have appeared in the newsletter like Baking Mix and pudding mixes.


Better Homes and Gardens Low Salt   Contains a number of low salt recipes, including the soy sauce substitute that I use. Published in the early 80's, it's getting harder to find, but used copies are still available. The last time I checked, it was still available at eCookbooks.com


Pocket Guide to Low Sodium Foods   This is a wonderful source of information on sodium by Bobbie Mostyn. It opens with some general information on things like what foods are low and high in sodium and a good explanation of the U.S. nutrition label. Then it contains detailed information on the nutritional content of over 3000 foods, includingspecific brand by brand listings. After that it also has the same information on the products at a large number of quick serverestaurants. All in all, it's a wealth of information, both for people just getting started with a low sodium diet and those of us who have been at it a while.

Don't Eat Your Heart Out Cookbook   Over 600 pages of information on heart healthy cooking and living. Many great recipes, most within the sodium range that many people can use, plus detailed written explanations of subjects such as risk factors, cholesterol and many other things that doctors sometimes don't explain very well.


Light and Tasty Magazine   Low Sodium Cooking as been featured in Taste of Home's Light and Tasty Magazine. While not specifically low sodium, the magazine contains recipes, nutritional information links and other information for people watching their diet and will be of interest to lots of low sodium people.

No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat Cookbook   Contains a variety of recipes that are not only salt free, but also sugar and fat free.


AccuChef   The software I use is called AccuChef. It's both a recipe and nutrition analysis software ... let's you print out things on index cards or cookbook sized pages etc., but it also does the institutional calculations. It will give you the figures for any of about 30 different nutrients that you ask for and can even print out a facsimile of the nutrition label. It uses the USDA nutrient database, which has about 6000 entries, but you can customize the different ingredient entries and it will both save them and remember which one you said to use. So the first time can put in a recipe that calls for canned tomatoes, it will probably match it to a regular salted entry. But if you change that to a no salt added one and change it to match the exact figures of the brand you use, it will use that from then on. You can download a trail copy that you can open 60 times or buy it for $19.95, which seemed pretty reasonable to me.

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